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The River Source Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers provide some of the finest treatment for alcohol and drug addiction anywhere in the United States.


Colorado Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab

The River Source’s carefully constructed program takes a holistic approach to the life and death issues surrounding addiction and attacks the root of each patient’s addiction with a regimen that focuses on both medical and naturopathic treatments.  The River Source’s life changing treatments are provided at our two idyllic Arizona locations.  Our Mesa location dates back to 2003 and is located in the city’s dynamic art district while the Casa Grande location is situated in the idyllic Arizona desert.  Our residential treatment centers are staffed by Licensed Medical Doctors, Naturopathic MDs, Life Coaches, Nurses and Behavioral Technicians.


We understand that during these difficult economic times, the life-saving treatment we provide may be difficult for our clients to afford.  So, we have discounted our rates to $9500 (from $15,000) for the first 30 days and $6,500 for each subsequent month.  These comprehensive fess will get you the vital treatment that you need with no hidden costs.  Our professional operators are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to grant you a complimentary and confidential consult regarding our programs and discounted prices.  Call today and speak with one of our representatives at 877-983-9274.


Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Colorado


Here are the Top Reasons Why People Choose the River Source to Find the Cures to their Addictions and Change Their Lives:


Our Holistic Philosophy and Individualized Concentration – At the River Source, we believe that you must treat the whole person if you want to help an individual overcome his or her addictions.  We also recognize that each of our clients comes from a different background, with different problems, needs, life experiences and challenges.  Acknowledging these facts, the staff at the River Source treats the whole person – mind, body and spirit – with a plan that is specially tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


12 - Step and Educational Approach – The River Source draws from some tried and tested approaches that have helped patients face and conquer their addictions over the years.  Perhaps no program is as successful or well-known as the 12 Step program in terms of helping patients confront their addictions.  The River Source encourages its clients to incorporate the 12 step program into their lives through group therapy sessions.  But commensurate with its holistic approach, the River Source also utilizes a number of other educational approaches to help clients work through their addiction.  One of the most prominent of these is the Journal System, which was designed by a number of behavioral research experts employed by the Change Companies®.  The Journal System encourages clients to focus on topics related to dependent and addictive behaviors and has proven to be effective in preparing them for real life situations that they will be confronted with following the completion of our program. 


Individualized Counseling - The River Source recognizes that while group therapy plays a key role in a client’s treatment, it must be buttressed with individualized attention and counseling for a comprehensive and complete approach.  There are a number of Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselors (LISAC) on Staff, many of whom are recovering addicts themselves, that have a deep understanding of and keen insight into treating drug and alcohol addiction.  Our highly trained professional staff focus during individualized sessions on patients’ self-image, feelings and relationships and how each are being affected by their addictions.  They help patients deal with managing anxiety, coping with and reducing stress, boosting self-esteem, improving decision-making, adjusting to loss, and increasing self-awareness.      


Life Coaching – Life coaching is a form of treatment where patients gain a better understanding of the underlying reasons for their addictions by talking through their problems with counselors.  This provides clients with a valuable tool for identifying strategies to employ in order to successfully deal with addictions after leaving our centers.


Physical Training – As part of our treatment program, we believe it is essential that our clients leave our facilities with a sound mind in a sound body.   That is why we offer our patients numerous opportunities for exercise to improve their physical fitness and overall well-being.  The River Source campuses provide clients with the opportunity to practice yoga, do weight or endurance training, or take hikes in the beautiful surrounding areas.  All of these healthy activities are available to our clients on a daily basis.    


Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facilities


A Beautiful, Intimate Setting - The River Source Naturopathic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers are located in breathtakingly beautiful parts of Arizona and provide clients with a safe, comfortable and intimate environment in which to pursue their treatment.  We focus on individualized care for our patients and so no more than 35 patients at a time are treated in each River Source facility.  We also reserve the right to refuse treatment in order to ensure a safe and nurturing environment.


Family Therapy At the River Source, we are fully aware that addictions to drug and alcohol don’t take place in a vacuum and that family members affect, and are affected by, an individual’s addiction.  Our experience has shown us that family plays a crucial role in recovery once individuals leave the focused environment of the River Source and so involving family in a patient’s therapy is a valuable tool that we encourage all of our patients and their families to consider.  Our experienced therapists are able to work with families to identify the root causes of addiction and the deleterious impact it has on the family unit and then formulate a plan by which family members can best provide support to the patient during the recovery process that continues when patients leave our facilities.  Including family members in therapy sessions, where they can speak to the impact of their loved one’s addiction on their life, furthers our holistic and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment.


Colorado Drug & Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation


Aftercare Plan – Our treatment service changes lives, but without an effective aftercare plan, it would be a futile effort.  Our treatment facilities engage your mind, body and soul to put you on the path to recovery.  While our treatment directly addresses your addiction, your healing process will not end when you leave the friendly confines of our facility.  Because of this, our experienced staff spends a significant amount of time with patients planning an aftercare plan that he or she will be responsible for following and that will be closely monitored in the time following departure from our facilities.  The River Source offers one year of aftercare, including the use of the naturopathic clinic as well as sobriety checks and weekly group therapy sessions.


Affordability – The River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center believes strongly that the life-saving treatment that it provides should not be denied to people based simply on cost, so we have worked hard to make our treatment as affordable as possible.  While many of our competitors may charge fees as high as $30,000 per month, we seek to make our treatment accessible by charging $9500 for the first month and $6500 for each subsequent month.  We are committed to making our high quality treatment affordable and accessible to our clients.  

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